Deep Moody Lightroom Presets Pack by erychist (LAST SALE)

(4 customer reviews)

Deep Moody Lightroom Presets Pack by erychist (LAST SALE)

Creator: @erychist
(4 customer reviews)

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Deep Atmospheric Landscape Looks

This set of presets was created by photographer @erychist. Erik tries to give special deep mood to the places he visited, so the person who looks at a photo can feel this vibe of mother nature.

These filters are perfect for landscape photography and cloudy images. Mountains, forest, hidden lakes – that’s what we love so much about nature. This preset pack gives you a chance to play with your image as you like. From vintage style to deep Bavarian forest look. If you like deep atmospheric look of your images, then this pack is perfect fit for you! In this download you will find a variety of options that will suit completely different shooting conditions, from urban to landscape, from portraits to composition.

More from Erik Chistov: “My life quote changed, since I started my travel journey. “Our Planet is our house. So why would we need to stay in one room, locked by ourselves?” Not a long time ago I was sitting at home and wondering, how you can travel around the world and enjoy your stay in this wonderful Planet so often.

Now I know, that it is only a barrier in your mind, which doesn’t let you to do that. Photography came to me together with my adventures. I want to show to the rest of the world, what we are missing. Views, mood, atmosphere, those beautiful sunsets.

This pack of presets gives you all day every day possibility to edit your shots in various ways, starting from easy going light edit process, ending up with various sets, combined with gradients, which gives you unique Atmosphere of moody capture. I try to make every single shot of mine to look deeply in mood and atmosphere of wilderness. You always are able to adjust every single preset. Same with gradients. Don’t forget, that preset gives you unique look, but it is necessary to provide it with some basic correction, as exposure, shadows, white balance and contrast.”


August 2019  – New mobile presets and refined effects

Product Features

  • 16 travel presets for Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile
  • Presets in .lrtemplate and .dng formats
  • Atmosphere of being deep in the forest
  • Deep green and blue colours
  • All year tones
  • Cold/warm tones of the sky and overall composition
  • Free help files and support

Description of Filters

  1. Posh – (Preset created for everyday use. It gives you slight vintage
    look with pop of faded grapefruit tone and yellow touch. Good for )
  2. Back to 70s – (Sometimes its all about vintage grainy look isn’t it? This filter gives you that old style look, with added grain and priority of sepia colours. Contains 2 gradients which works to adjust sky brightness and level of the bottom image)
  3. Bavaria – (Brings up the brightness and clarity to the image , perfect for adding those crispy bits to the landscape image.)
  4. Blue lake – (Deep blue tones, cold atmosphere and crispy look)
  5. Breath of Slovenia – (My favourite preset of all times. Just try it, and you will see the magic)
  6. Cold day – (Disaturated blues and cold cold greens makes it feel , that you are in a rainy day of November.)
  7. Darkness V – (Perfect preset for dark images, when you need to make an accent on 1 point, covering the rest of the shot with deep darkness and mood. Contains 3 gradients which you can adjust by your needs)
  8. Drop of Autumn – (When you want those autumn colours to really show off. Gives you colourful background of oranges, greens. Blue light is dropped down, so the sky will look crispy and detailed)
  9. Faded town – (Sometimes you want to fade the shot, so the whole image looks complete.)
  10. Highland – (Deep look of thee shot because of gradients, which you can adjust as you wish. Contains 3 horizontal and 1 gradient. Ideally works with photos, which contains at least a hint of orange/yellow look. Just try it, and you will see)
  11. Jungle – (Gives slight purple colour to the sky. Very rich green tone. You easily can turn any green landscape into your own Jungle)
  12. Mainland view – (Slight blue tone and yellowish background gives to this preset unique look. Browns are desaturated, so you can adjust them to the skin tone. Works amazing with landscape shots, which contains rocks, bright green grass and cloudy sky with touch of sun.)
  13. Silent Hill – (Gives you that majestic look of blue forest, which you want to enter, no matter what.)
  14. Smokey Haze – (Literally draws the fog in the sky, thanks to the gradient. Whenever you want to add that foggy look to your shot, use this preset and adjust foggy gradient by your needs.)
  15. Urbania UC – (When it comes to street photography, why not to try cold tones of the streets with pop of those yellow cars? Unsaturated tones and cold look apart of yellow colours makes it Pop like never before. If ever your shot contains more of yellow tone, simply adjust yellow tone in “Color” by decreasing saturation.)
  16. Yellow Italia – (Not only dark tones should make you happy, but warm summer look as well. This filter gives exactly what it says: it gives that summer look to the picture, those warm tones you can feel just by looking at the shot)

Product Compatibility

This product is compatible with any version of Adobe Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile. Suitable for editing photos taken in RAW and JPEG format. In the kit, you get instructions for installation, use and files for help.

How to Install Mobile Presets

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Personal, Commercial, Extended

4 reviews for Deep Moody Lightroom Presets Pack by erychist (LAST SALE)

  1. Gede Bayuna


  2. Mary Ann Mattox (verified owner)

    Extremely unique and moody presets. I own a lot of presets and none are like these. They make my normal looking photos really eye-catching. Easily worth the price.

    • erychist (publisher)

      Thanks a million for your kind words!

  3. Tomás Luna (verified owner)

    Really good presets and i appreciate a lot the description that you make of them for amateur people. Thank you so much!

    • erychist (publisher)

      It means a lot to me ! Thank you! You can also text me anytime regarding some tips via my instagram profile !

  4. Yury Khadarin (verified owner)

    These presets are great, very authentic, moody, stylish look. If using mobile app, don’t forget to tick tools – gradients, when saving the preset fm DNG file, as they are very important, just needs some adjustments for your image. Appreciate perfect description. And check author’s Instagram profile, works are really cool.

    • erychist (publisher)

      Thanks a lot!

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