Fatma ben Kumbhar, one of the most experienced and master craftswomen in the craft community of Gundiyali has been practicing pottery craft for more than 38 years in Gundiyali. Having born and brought in Bhujpar in a farmer’s family, Fatma ben was new to the craft at the time of her marriage with Yakub bhai Kumbhar. With a curiosity to learn the craft, Fatmaben learnt it from her mother-in-law. Later as the family expanded and they had children, both of them started practicing together. She is one of a few women of Gundiyali who has worked on wheels and made products. She has been managing the raw materials, firing and painting products. With pottery, she also practices stitching and bandhani (tie and dye) craft and teaches her daughters-in-law and grandkids about it.