Siddhik Kumbhar, elder son of Yakub bhai Kumbhar and Fatma ben, has been practising terracotta craft for more than 15 years in Gundiyali. He has learnt this craft from his father. He started learning this craft at a young age and now practices full time with his family. He has specialised in making divo (earthen lamps), garbo (small pot with holes used in the festival of navratri to carry and dance) phirni (shallow cups) for seviyan, tea cups, water jugs. With his interest in sculpting, he has been making terracotta figurines and figures, animals and sculptures in his free time depicting the culture of Kutch. He actively takes part in local and national fairs and exhibitions and has been dealing with orders from across Gujarat and Maharashtra. He also teaches pottery to the young boys in the community.