The terracotta craft community of Gundiyali is an enterprising community open to collaboration and growth. Over the journey of six years, various collaborative engagements through diverse projects, activities and events have taken place with the community starting in 2014. These include introducing innovation through design and technology, and the approach of experiential tourism among others.

About 2019: Emphasising Collaboration

The idea of collaboration helped in cultivating opportunities by bringing visibility to showcase, promote and celebrate the rich craft traditions of the country. “Emphasising collaboration” encouraged various organisations, institutes, and professionals to connect with the craft community of Gundiyali, leading to an intermingling web of ideas and network.

Project: Craft CoLABorative Fellowship

Craft CoLABorative fellowship was developed as a platform for an exchange of ideas and skills as a collaboration between design fellows and artisans. It was planned for fellows to understand the traditional craft practice and for artisans to dive into contemporary design challenges and find solutions together.

Process of conducting the fellowship
Fellowship open call
There was an open call for the fellowship, and proposals flooded from across the country, of which 8 design fellows were chosen based on the novelty of their proposals to work with 8 craftspeople and their families. The fellows were from diverse fields like architecture, ceramic, art, communications and design research.

Collaborative making at Gundiyali
The fellowship was approached by fellows in collaboration with the craftspeople, co-creating their processes. The fellows immersed themselves into the craft environment, understanding the challenges of the community to develop contemporary outcomes with craftspeople and their families to satisfy local, national and international market needs. The fellowship outcomes led to products and product systems in the ranges of interior design, architecture, technology, gamification and interaction-led education, lifestyle and utility.

Event: Ekatra, spinning the wheel together

The exhibition brought together the idea of co-creation of design and innovation using the traditional craft skills and techniques with contemporary design. It was a dissemination of the three-year-long craft design innovations done in the terracotta craft cluster of Gundiyali with the craftspeople and their families. The exhibition displayed interior architectural instalments, design thinking, infrastructural upgradation, technological installations, design workshops, exposure sessions to marketing, media and technology done in the craft community, taking further to develop the cluster into the Craft Experiential Tourism hub. This exhibition also displayed the products co-created by the craftspeople and the designers from the first ever Craft CoLABorative Fellowship, a collaborative initiative by Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre (DICRC), CEPT University and Manthan Educational Programme Society, Ahmedabad. Ekatra was housed at the Kanoria Centre for the arts in Ahmedabad.


Ekatra Exhibition-Panels
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Artisan and Fellow cards- Ekatra Exhibition
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Banner- Ekatra Exhibition
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Poster- Ekatra Exhibition
Craft CoLABorative Fellowship Programme with the terracotta craft community of Gundiyali
Craft CoLABorative Fellowship Programme with the terracotta craft community of Gundiyali
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Announcing Artisans and Design Fellows- Craft CoLABorative Fellowship
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Artisans Biocards- Craft CoLABorative Fellowship
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Fellow Biocards- Craft CoLABorative Fellowship


Supporters & Partners: Manthan Educational Programme Society
This project was promoted under: i-STED Project, NSTEDB, DST, Government of India