Matt Larson Lightroom Preset Bundle MOBILE+DESKTOP

(49 customer reviews)

Matt Larson Lightroom Preset Bundle MOBILE+DESKTOP

Creator: Matt Larson
(49 customer reviews)

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Tropical Tones & Colorful Effects for Adobe Lightroom

Edit on the go or at home with these incredible Mobile + Desktop compatible presets created by lifestyle photographer Matt Larson. These Presets are great for adding beautiful color and liveliness to your photos.

Matt’s travel adventures and wonderful explorations have inspired him to create some insanely beautiful presets for you! Use them on any travel, landscape, portrait, or beach photos and you will create some lovely photos.

Add bright colors and vibrant tones to your photos with these awesome presets from Matt Larson.

  • 20 Travel Lightroom Presets
  • Mobile + Desktop Compatible
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Soft Shadows
  • Tropical/Sunset
  • Free Help Files and Support

This product is compatible with Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Presets are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.

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Personal, Commercial, Extended

49 reviews for Matt Larson Lightroom Preset Bundle MOBILE+DESKTOP

  1. jstw (verified owner)

    These presets are unbelievable ??. The 10 presets have a great broad palette but I recommend one called Bangshow. It brings coastal shots to another level. Really amazing work Matt. – Jonn

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Did a photoshoot on the beach and decided to get Matt’s presets and they are excellent! I didn’t know about these presets before I did the photoshoot and these came in handy with some minor adjustments once applied! I love the colors that these presets bring.

  3. Griffin

    Honestly I like about 80% of them! I don’t think I’ve had the right lighting for some of the other presets but overall I like them a lot and it’s really easy to tweak them as you please

  4. Paulo Ferreira

    Never used this presets personally. But I have seen people having amazing results with them! Really like the beachy, sunny vibe on them! You don’t find presets like this anywhere else!

  5. Jhullian

    Really cool presets! Even though I’m a beginner with Lightroom, these presets helped me to get more understanding with Colors and editing. Big thumbs up!

  6. Josh (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best preset on lightroom, if you want the best summer feed posible this preset is it!! Absolutely love it, the colours the mood, everything!! Great job on this preset!

  7. Axel mazetti (verified owner)

    The presets are amazing! Every preset makes my photos pop! To you guys that consider buying them you should definitely do it, you will make you instagram posts dope!! :)

  8. Filip (verified owner)

    Nothing wrong with this presets Really, they are great and i love them, but maybe little too expensive

  9. pauloaferreiraa

    Personally I never used these presets. But they look bangers!! I have seen these presets doing awesome results in a few pictures! Love the colour and the beachy vibe that they bring to the pics! Shoutout to Matt if he is reading this!

  10. Najla Kaddour (verified owner)

    These presets are great, especially if you shoot a lot outdoors. I love how they create a warm summer vibe to my photos + they bring out the most out of my pictures, even when taken on my phone. As someone who’s still new at using Lightroom, these presets are very helpful and easy in bringing my photos to the next level. In conclusion, your Instagram feed will be popping after using these presets!

  11. Thomas

    Downloaded the Matt Larson’s lightroom presets one month ago. I already use them for all of the photos that I deal with. I highly recommend this pack ! Whether for vacation photos, beach or events photos, photos of cars as is the case for me, each preset is usefulness. 5/5

  12. ndavis (verified owner)

    These presets are straight Bangers!!???? They are super easy to download and come with directions. Most importantly they are amazing and there is tons so theres some for each mood and lighting. They are perfect for outdoors photos and add a beautiful splash of color and light. Also, Matt is super chill and friendly so he can help you if you have any questions. I would definitely recommend!

  13. andy.rajahscott (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for LR presets for travel photography/summer vibes this is the way to go! I’ve been a fan of Matt’s IG style for a while now and love the vibrancy and tropical tones. Highly recommend syncing these presets to LR on your phone to level up your daily iphone photography/ using NFC from your camera you’ll be golden! Even if you’re a beginner on LR they’re super easy to install (drag and drop)! Highly recommended!

  14. martinmamers1234 (verified owner)

    good presets :)

  15. russellrogerharness (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving these!! :) Thanks so much! Worth every penny :)

  16. Thomas Evjen

    Honestly the best I’ve tried. The skin tones, the lights, colours. Made me rock the IG game.

  17. Sharon (verified owner)

    I love them , they bring such a warm vibe! Epic?? Thanks Matt!

  18. Dayvid Vieira


  19. Riksel Tshering (verified owner)

    Trust me I bought several presets in Filtergrade and this is by far the BEST! ??? 10/10. Must have!!

  20. nikunj


  21. krish (verified owner)

    These presets work on a very small range of images. Anything indoors is horrible. The effect is strong and difficult to adjust unless you are a Lightroom expert. Almost every time, it needs a lot of adjusting which sort of defeats the purpose. Very disappointed and I regret the purchase.

  22. maartenvdz123

    Just perfect and easy?

  23. Adrian Sanchez

    The perfect preset pack for your vacay footage. It does look awesome on every pictures of the beach and makes everything more interesting. 10/10 to this man for create those presets! Thank you!

  24. iudtuhan

    This preset is so good! It’s very versatile you can use it in the city and also in the beach.

  25. majalj (verified owner)

    First preset pack I bought, and have been using it ever since! love it

  26. Axel Westrheim Løvold

    I have used this preset-pack for so many different seasons and different photos. There is always a preset that works really well with the mood I’m trying to catch with my photo-edit. It’s very easy to place a preset and then customize your self a little to get the perfect look. Often there is even no need to tweek it, place the preset and it looks magical right away. I got so many compliments for the color grade on my photos after using Matt’s preset pack.

  27. Mads Grytten (verified owner)

    This filters are really good, Ive tried a few presets and this will save you a ton of work!
    The pictures look awesome right away.
    Of course on this presets you have to do some minor adjustments on brightness and other small adjustments on some pictures to make them look banger?? Enjoy

  28. Even Vasveen

    This is the perfect preset for every kind of pictures! I give the pack 10/10. Works on everything? Totaly worth it.

  29. yannick.bache (verified owner)

    Totally worth the price! These presets are next level sh*t ? highly recommend to buy these for your next vacation! Your Instagram will be next level ?? Cheers Matt for the great work

  30. roopesipilainen

    First preset pack what i have bought and i’m so happy that i chose this pack! Works really good for every photo but perfect for beach and sunny photos. Easy to do some little edit’s by yourself. Big recommendation if you wanna take your photos to the next level. This man can do magic with lightroom.

  31. anders_e92 (verified owner)

    Bought these presets a while back, and have been using them regularely! Apply them to your RAW-files, do minor tweaks and boom! Work pretty well with beach-photos with turqoise water, getting that tropical vibe.

  32. yannickfraenkel


  33. Erik (verified owner)

    I bought these without almost any knowledge about Lightroom, Matt Larson or these presets. I have to say they really hit a homerun. I have learned alot in Lightroom and become oppsessed with photography and photo editing.
    I have gotten so many people telling me they love my photos. And so cool that it all started with these presets.

  34. kristopher11c (verified owner)

    I pushased this pack looking to improve my photos for Instagram and I can honestly say this is my go to preset. This preset is super easy to apply and saves me a lot of time. I no longer have to actually spend time color grading an image myself. Highly recommend purchasing this preset, especially if you are looking to take your photography to the next level !

  35. Connor Sitton (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed. Great for all lifestyle shots.

  36. Felix

    This was my first preset and its still my favorite! Really worth the price! Love it!

  37. Krisztian

    I was in Morocco this summer and I used this preset pack. I said “Oh My God!” – when I first applied one of these filters on my photos. The pictures are alive!

    Guys, It’s amazing! For summer photos It’s the best choice. Thank you Matt! ??

  38. Philipp Thaler

    Best Presets ever !!!

  39. Max Nutbeem

    Fantastic product! Was perfect for my recent trip to Cyprus – Would purchase again!

  40. Dennis (verified owner)

    These presets are simply the best for summer days and vacation pics. Looking at the edited pics gives you this warm feeling and the desire to go on holidays. Every single preset in this pack is unique and usable for different situations/locations. Just amazing work and helpful for everyone!

  41. Olaf H (verified owner)

    A perfect presets pack for my use. Easy to use and the results are perfect.

  42. Martin

    So far the best presets I have bought. Most of what I love about it are the skin tones. I have already edited a lot of pictures with these presets and people love them.

  43. Kyra McDonald

    The perfect presets for ANY kind of photo. I edit all my photos with them and it never gets old seeing the amazing transformation.

  44. vladia.badulescu (verified owner)

    Love love love the presets! All 10 are amazing. Hard to decide which one i want to use cuz i like them all ? Thanx Matt!

  45. The2travellers (verified owner)

    I love the presets, all of them are amazing ❤️ especially with slight adjustments you Can achieve so many different results. I use the presets every day. Great Job , keep on going ?? Thanks Matt

  46. Jonatan Petersson

    Unreal presets, wow good work Matt. Cant be without these presets, I use it on every photo I take.

  47. Lars Solbakken

    The presets are straight fire!

  48. Heather Morgado (verified owner)

    Is this for mobile too?

  49. Sonia Mazri (verified owner)

    Don’t buy this preset I purchased it even though it was super expensive but I thought oh there must be a reason why it’s so expensive well no I prefer my pictures before than after adding this preset I don’t like it at all I regret buying it

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