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Earn 70% commissions on every sale! We pay the most for your hard work.


Keep selling your products on your own site and earn even more by selling on FilterGrade.

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Review sales data and reports from your products. Set trackable goals that you can crush!

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Quickly add products in your vendor account and publish them live or save a draft for later.

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Start selling right away and get paid monthly through PayPal.

See What Some Top Sellers Have to Say about FilterGrade!

Matt Larson

Matt Larson FilterGrade Testimonial
“Selling on FilterGrade is unlike any other experience I’ve ever had in terms of selling on a third party site. The payouts are always on time, customer support is there for your fans/customers without you having to lift a finger, and Matt / Mike always do whatever it takes to make it an easy and seamless process for both you the seller as well as the buyer. The passive income has also allowed me to put time towards other things wether it’s new business ideas, hobbies, travel, or just more time to have fun and think of new preset ideas ;) AND, I have been able to reach a much larger audience due to the traffic on FilterGrade which in return helps grow my business.”

Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison FilterGrade Testimonial
“FilterGrade has been an excellent platform for
me to sell my digital products.
With super fast support and continually willingness to help,
I’ve always been a happy seller. Highly recommend!”

Jackson Groves

Jackson Groves FilterGrade Testimonial
“Throughout the past three years, I have been selling my Lightroom Presets on FilterGrade. It’s been a seamless collaboration with a number of key advantages to partnering with FilterGrade rather than hosting the shopping experience on my own website. Firstly, FilterGrade takes care of all the backend and technical duties. Secondly, they have great shopping experience on their website so the checkout experience is very efficient rather than what I would have created on my own site. Additionally, and somewhat surprisingly, is the high number of organic sales they have created through their site. My presets have ranked in the top seller’s page due to the volume sold and due to the traffic to their site, I now generate consistent weekly sales even if I don’t promote the Lightroom Presets to my own audience. This was unexpected and has helped make my sales sustainable and long-term. Finally, I’ve found the FilterGrade team very helpful if I’ve ever needed assistance, wanted to make changes, or run a flash-sale. They’ve always made payments to me on time and I found the percentage that FilterGrade takes as a commission of my product sale to be in line with the value they provide given everything I’ve mentioned above. FilterGrade has been one of the better affiliate collaborations I have been part of in my five years in the online travel and content creation space.”

Paola Franqui

Poala Franqui Monaris FilterGrade Testimonial
“My experience working with FilterGrade has been nothing short of amazing. Throughout the years, their support has been incredible, and I’m truly thankful for our partnership.  The platform has everything creators need to take their editing skills to the next level and you’ll find endless opportunities to exercise your creativity.”


John from Cineplus FilterGrade Testimonial
“My experience with FilterGrade is amazing. The Covid crisis did not negatively affect my sales like I had expected; this is encouraging for all who would like to sell on FilterGrade!

Jessica Marx

Jessica Marx FilterGrade Testimonial
“Selling my presets has been awesome with FilterGrade! It’s so easy and they have been so supportive in promoting my work and presets.”


Christopher Fragapane

Christopher Fragapane FilterGrade Testimonial
“I’ve been working with FilterGrade for several years now and the awesome team they have makes being a partner incredibly easy. They take care of everything front to back, which lets me focus on being creative and developing new products for the platform. From upload to billing they handle everything. They’re truly brilliant!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this whole process work?

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is apply to sell your digital products here! Once you’ve applied to sell with FilterGrade, one of our team members will review your application and get back to you within 5-10 business days.

After you have been approved to sell on FilterGrade, you will receive access to your very own FilterGrade Partner Profile where you can add your custom products, view your sales, check on customer reviews, and more! Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal – start earning today!

Can I still sell my products on my own website?

Yes, of course. We’re a non-exclusive marketplace meaning you can sell your products anywhere else you’d like.

Will you promote my products and my portfolio?

Yes! We work with every partner individually to find creative ways to promote your products and work. In the past we’ve made demo videos, interviews, and other inspirational content (like this post) to help spread the word. We’ll also share your work on our social media and email newsletter! We have a global network with hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in editing like the pros (that’s you).

How much will I earn each month?

Average partners are already earning $300+ each month. We’ve found that partners who promote to their own audience earn the most. Your friends, followers, and fans want to learn how to edit like you! Make sure they know about your filters. We have also noticed that products with more volume (15+) do the best on the site. If you have any other questions about how you can earn more, contact us here. We have a dedicated marketing specialist to help you get more sales.

How do I get paid?

Payments are sent out monthly through PayPal! As long as you reach the minimum payout threshold ($50), we’ll send out your earnings on the 15th of the next month. This way we can ensure that your products are safely and securely downloaded and that your customers aren’t pursuing any fraudulent behavior.

What will the final product look like?

Scroll down to see some of our previous partner products. You’ll get a dedicated page on FilterGrade that shares your product, your work, and a link back to your website!

What are the most popular categories on FilterGrade?

People sell all kinds of creative digital products on FilterGrade. The most popular categories are:

  • Photo: Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, Capture One Styles
  • Video: LUTs, Premiere Pro Transitions, After Effects Templates, FCPx Templates
  • Design: Overlays, Social Media Templates, Mockups
  • Education: PDF Guides, Courses, Workshops

Have a question or curious if your product would do well on FilterGrade? Feel free to DM us on Instagram.

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